Any injury to your back or impact on your vertebrae can damage your spinal cord. Depending on its location, the injury can range from debilitating pain to reduced motor function to paralysis. A spinal injury can dramatically impact your mobility and your entire life.

If you’ve suffered a spinal injury as a result of someone’s negligence or intent, you may be able to sue for out-of-pocket costs (e.g. medical bills), lost wages, pain and suffering resulting from your injury, and ongoing rehabilitation expenses.

At Dias Hall Inc., we’ll listen to your account of your injury, ask questions, and help you decide whether or not you have a case. If you do, we’ll put our experience and legal expertise into action to ensure you recover the maximum compensation to which you’re entitled.

Advocating for your rights is our passion, and we have helped many clients with paralysis and spinal injury cases recover millions of dollars in compensation. If someone has caused you to experience a spinal injury and you’re considering legal action, we invite you to contact us.