The attorneys of Dias Hall Inc. are committed to advocating for the survivors of childhood sexual abuse, empowering their voices to be heard in the pursuit of justice.

Childhood sexual abuse is complex as it occurs in a wide variety of ways, ranging from zero physical contact, such as in cases of indecent exposure, to such extreme contact as molestation and rape. Whether the victims suffered a single incident or endured multiple occurrences, we believe they have the right to hold the offenders accountable and seek compensation from those who failed to properly protect them.

Childhood sexual abuse cases are a priority at Dias Hall Inc. Our attorneys have represented survivors in many complex abuse cases, earning a reputation for courageously challenging institutions once considered untouchable, including:

  • Schools
  • Clergy/religious organizations
  • Foster care programs
  • Boy/Girl Scouts
  • Summer camp organizations
  • Foreign exchange student programs
  • More

Survivors have suffered enough

The traumatic effects of childhood sexual abuse can last far beyond the actual occurrences, haunting the survivors well into adulthood. Anxiety, depression, PTSD and other serious issues are common among child sexual abuse victims.

Enabling these survivors to resolve their issues and obtain justice from their wrongdoers requires a legal team with compassion, expertise and experience in the emotionally-charged arena of civil litigation. The team you’ll find at Dias Hall Inc.

Why pursue civil litigation for childhood sexual abuse?

While claims of childhood sexual abuse should primarily be tried in the criminal justice system, there are good reasons to file claims in the civil justice system as well.

First, civil litigation enables survivors to recover compensation for damages arising from their abuse, including pain and suffering, emotional anguish and expenses for medical or psychological treatment.

And perhaps just as important, civil lawsuits can reveal individual misconduct or appalling institutional practices that failed to protect the most vulnerable members of society. This exposure is often enough to inspire needed changes to ensure others are protected from abuse in the future.

Why Dias Hall Inc.?

At Dias Hall Inc., we are fully committed to protecting our clients’ rights and confidentiality during and after the case, and offer a variety of resources to promote healing and emotional wellness. And when an accused party is found to be at fault, we will ensure they fulfill their obligation to pay.

Advocating for the rights of childhood sexual abuse survivors is a priority at Dias Hall Inc., and we have helped many local clients obtain justice and compensation. If you have been impacted by such abuse, we invite you to contact us.